VOZITEL: Rebranding To Reveal Its Full Digital Expression

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Strategy. Branding. Digital Expression.

Strategy. Branding. Digital Expression.

VOZITEL is a technology company that incorporates artificial intelligence into its work. A SaaS platform for contact centres and customer service departments that offers the the ultimate solution for customer contact management because it combines a virtual switchboard, CallBots, specialised CRM and multiple communication functionalities.

They needed to revamp their image to convey the power of the products and services they offer. Our research led us to identify the positioning most in line with their brand value, so that they could offer greater differentiation from the competition. We created the new brand platform, the strategic concept and specified the values of their new identity. All accompanied by the digital expression that leads their new personality.

Consultoría de marketing online y analítica web para Colchón Exprés
Digital Expression.

Why Not Better?

At VOZITEL they do things right, simply because it’s the right thing to do. The WHY NOT BETTER? brand concept conveys their aspirational spirit of doing it even better, listening to their customers, offering intelligent solutions to real problems, taking care of all the details with technology as their flagship.

We identified the insight that guided us, it spoke of the need to simplify tasks, to free oneself from overload, from frustration, to focus on what really matters and move forward along the way. It is to make possible what you saw as improbable. It is to consider a little more in order to improve what is within your reach. It is to ask yourself, in the end, why not do better.

In the end, it all adds up. Excellence, Productivity, Innovation, Technology and above all Passion. VOZITEL is a brand motivated to always go one step further.

Propuesta visual para reposicionamiento de marca

We Change Its Identity, But Not Its Essence.

In order to envision its new personality, we created a verbal and visual identity that represents an evolution that modernises the firm, through a more modern typographic selection, a fresh palette that at the same time conveys digital rigour and a series of elements that shape the expression. The visual identity projects excellence and renewal, technology, innovation and passion. It departs from the codes of its industry to reflect a unique way of doing things.

VOZITEL expresses its brand with its own voice, its communication has an enthusiastic and positive character. Its approachable tone generates empathy with the user throughout the user journey.

Diseño de identidad visual
Diseño de identidad visual
Strategy. Branding. Digital Expression.
Brand Stationery

We Reveal Its True Digital Expression

The restructuring of the content and the wireframe design was key in order to show the different products and solutions in the most accessible way for the user. It is a navigation in which the diversity of functionalities offers the possibility to cross-reference the products with the solutions and at the same time assign it to a specific sector. The user journey enhances the conversion funnel and is aimed at establishing contact with the customer.

To bring the visual strategy of the website to life, we included illustrations that add a more friendly narrative, as well as bringing its telecommunications services in the cloud closer to any user. The animated characters that interact throughout the website communicate with a direct, inclusive and close language, addressing the customer as one of the team, which multiplies the freshness of the experience. The verbal strategy presents a global implementation and the brand’s storytelling is latent throughout the entire interaction with the user, blurring the coldness of the digital barrier and bringing VOZITEL’s technological functionalities closer.

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