Veolia: strategic creativity for global communication.

Illustration of technology map
Creative communication project for VEOLIA, 2017

Project brief

Veolia is world leader in the optimization of energy and environmental management services. It designs and provides smart energy, water and waste management solutions that contribute to the sustainable development of communities and industries.

Since 2015 waka has been helping Veolia in Spain, Europe and South America to express itself in a creative, modern and coherent manner with its philosophy committed to sustainable development.

Veolia logo
Informational Quadriptych Design
Veolia We 2018 Promotion Campaign

One idea is worth more than a thousand words

In multinational companies, the culture of each country or region inevitably determines the internal or external communication needs of the different departments. This generates disparate lines of communication and, sometimes, out of synch with the company’s corporate message. Creativity is the vehicle that ensures unified communication.

Veolia needed a campaign idea that would generate enough awareness to ensure that employees would communicate any security flaws detected on a daily basis and thereby prevent future workplace accidents. 

waka came up with an idea to drive a new communication concept: intelligent, global and in tune with the corporate culture of the company.

Posters for an internal occupational risk prevention campaign
Creativity for an internal occupational risk prevention campaign, 2016

Renewal through creative stimuli

It is normal for a company to feel the need to renew the way they express themselves. And it is normal for large corporations to go to creative boutiques outside of the organization in order to import a fresh and renewed vision.

In project after project, at waka we have helped to make creativity and imagination the language of expression for Veolia. We have forged new art direction for the brochures, new graphic propositions for their tecnomaps, new scripts for their videos …

In such a way that creativity is not only applied in their advertising, but it also enriches other areas of the company.

Illustration for technology map
Illustration for technology map

Result: effectiveness and brand revaluation

Veolia has relied on waka as a strategic partner that has helped it to become more effective in its advertising and sales campaigns; to enjoy a richer corporate culture, better assimilated by its people and by its customers.

Relying on strategic creativity, each piece that is generated for Veolia, in addition to serving its communication-specific purposes, also contributes towards increasing the value of its brand.

Folder layout
File Cabinet Design
Brochure design
Corporate folder design / Commercial brochure design
Icon design

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