New Folder: a versatile image for an all-rounded production company

Project brief

With over 13 years of experience in the audiovisual production sector, mainly focused on advertising, New Folder is a resolute, young and powerful production company. Professionalism, good work, and a versatile attitude that is full of heart make this production company able to boast a wide range of satisfied clients (both among advertising agencies and final clients). This same attitude has made them win various awards thanks to their work in advertising and film productions.

After more than a decade since their inception, they decided to reinvent themselves alongside Waka to completely renovate their corporate identity which would allow them to consolidate their brand as a reference in their sector.

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A new concept to cement a differentiated identity

The audiovisual production sector has its own idiosyncrasy. Creators and creatives require professionals with experience who can handle assigned projects and portray their ideas accurately. Aside from having a proven technical and organizational capacity to carry out complex productions, their emotional link is key to gaining access to the circle of trust of directors and agencies.

Following this premise, the two keys to achieve the new corporate identity of New Folder were built:

  • Their offices: a space that functions as a home. A place where you can feel relaxed and comfortable to work on your project. Just like at home..
  • An ample, expert, and heterogeneous team that makes you feel the same trust that you feel with friends. Just like a family..

In conclusion… The Filmmakers Family. 

New Folder, family and home

New Folder is not only a production company but also a physical location, a two-story building with all the necessary infrastructure to develop productions and post-productions of any type of audiovisual project. They also have the necessary infrastructure to have some fun so they can reenergize or even celebrate when the opportunity arises.

The new logo represents an open space, a space where things happen. A space where projects are worked on in an internal way (in house) and where people enjoy working; where you can talk to others, work until you get tired, rest… This feeling of openness is important because we want to transmit a dynamic and diverse spirit; one that invites its creators to bring in their projects and ideas.

Family is transmitted through their text and images. Naturalness and closeness where each of the team´s directors, technicians, and producers are considered members of a great family.

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A recognizable but neutral image

New Folder carries out a multitude of projects, both internal productions and collaborations with agencies. Their work covers anything from advertising to film and is not based on being creative but rather making other people´s ideas shine as bright as possible. This makes their job totally heterogeneous, thus their image must have the necessary neutrality to include such a varied portfolio..

We have chosen a very typographical identity while using black and white as the base. We then combined hints of yellow to highlight elements and transmit freshness. The main mission was to achieve a young, casual, charismatic, modern and neutral enough visual to show in a clean-cut way their clients´ work. By using a very condensed typography for the headlines, we wanted to get closer to the graphics seen in film posters.

New Folder´s versatile and multi-format characters are expressed thanks to the combination of a very rounded typography for the running text.

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We help you to keep trending

To create a visual identity for a group of image professionals like New Folder has been a great responsibility. Their clients have above-average visual standards. The work must be high-quality and each detail is important.

This becomes very important for companies related to architecture, design, advertising, communication, events, fashion, art, culture, etc., ultimately, sectors where the target has an especially sharp sensitivity to aesthetics.

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