Loca Sabiduría: a personal brand that does not focus on the person

Brand identity. Loca Sabiduría. 2020

Project briefing

Alba Valle is a nationally recognised psychologist and therapist specialising in mindfulness and meditation. After several years offering therapy in a physical practice and giving lectures, she decided to digitise her business model 100%.

Her professional approach is based on blending her knowledge of psychology with Buddhist meditation teachings. Her approach focuses on a practical (and not so spiritual) use of these two disciplines to achieve personal wellbeing.

The goal: to create an authentic and personal brand for this new stage.

Diseño web branding Loca Sabiduría
Web design. Loca Sabiduría

The brand

At the heart of the project is helping people in their daily lives. Working with compassion for oneself and responsible thinking. A very human perspective, but rationalistic, professional and pragmatic.

The brand had to move between the thin line that separates spirituality and frivolity. To move away from the usual canons of the sector, demystifying and bringing mindfulness closer to ordinary people. To do this, it was essential to find a friendly tone, with a certain charisma but without stridency. To express honesty and naturalness.

The challenge: to build a 100% digital brand; recognisable; that captures the essence of Alba’s approach (without falling into egocentrism); that connects and makes people fall in love.

Identidad digital, Loca Sabiduría
Brand Concept. Loca Sabiduría

The idea

We decided to work on the basis of the following insight…

“We are immersed in an artificial and excessive world that only values appearance. We live the paradox of being subjected to an infinity of stimuli and at the same time feeling empty. I would like to be able to value what is truly important and be happier.

… And to construct a concept that would give an answer to it, under Alba’s specific perspective.

Back to being… It speaks of BEING (with capital letters), of being present, of living. It speaks of reality: the paradox of travelling inside to change the outside. It says “to return” but it means “to move forward”. It is linked to concepts from mindfulness and Buddhism (purity, acceptance and compassion). Taking the step of “returning to self” is an act of love and self-respect. It also appeals to an individual and collective feeling: society has to find itself again; it has to become humanity again. A very intimate concept, but also very communal.

…without so much fuss. It’s about the attitude with which we face all that. It’s about looking at things with a different attitude. Lighten up. Take the pressure and importance off things. Relativise.

Concepto de marca, Loca Sabiduría
Concepto de marca, Loca Sabiduría
Publicación para Loca Sabiduría
Diseño piezas corporativas Loca Sabiduría
Brand Assets.

The twist

The project was initially planned as a personal branding of Alba Valle. But after the initial research and analysis, we took a turn: why not focus on her philosophy instead of on the person?

The brand asked for connection and community. The client was convinced and developed a new naming that put the focus on the attitude and not on the person.

So it was time to redefine the brand:

“Loca Sabiduría is the attitude with which Alba Valle, psychologist and mindfulness expert, expresses her way of seeing and facing life. It represents a more essential perspective, more honest and without artifice. Moreover, it is the brand with which Alba shares her method, with the intention of helping people to know themselves better, to value themselves more, to know how to manage their life and their emotions in a natural and conscious way. And all from a practical and real approach, based on mindfulness and self-knowledge.

Logotipo Loca Sabiduría
Logotype. Loca Sabiduría

The ambition to keep growing

Alba Valle is a restless soul. Her lively personality and passion for dissemination mean that she is constantly breaking new ground. The brand had to be ready to embrace this expansive character.

Therefore, we devised a construction system that, using the logo as a common icon and link with the mother brand, would allow the development of courses, masters, free workshops, books, podcats, etc… A monolithic brand architecture that would help the business in its future development.

Arquitectura de marca Loca Sabiduría

A visual universe full of possibilities

The visual identity of Loca Sabiduría aims to generate a recognisable visual environment in which the brand can express itself.

One of the fundamental keys is the flexible combination of the different graphic elements of the brand: chromatic range, gradients, wefts and coins. Another fundamental key is the toning of the images and, finally, the absence of the use of black or white and the use of dark green and off-white instead. These elements create a recognisable, warm and harmonious identity.

The result: a highly varied graphic system, full of solutions to address the plurality of content and channels in which the brand will operate.

Aplicaciones corporativas para redes sociales


If voice and tone are always important for a brand, in the case of Loca Sabiduría, fine-tuning this aspect of its identity was essential: the brand concept itself, “Back to being without so much fuss”, was based on this key.

Therefore, we gave the brand a friendly, empathetic and enthusiastic voice. Loca Sabiduría always approaches the conversation with total naturalness and in very colloquial language. She speaks to people with confidence and always tries to generate trust in her interlocutor: she looks for complicity and sometimes even cynicism.

As it cannot be otherwise, the tone of Loca Sabiduría should vary according to each communication milestone, but always reflecting a natural and positive undertone, even in adverse circumstances.

“A brand’s verbal identity expresses its personality. If the brand were to speak, what would it say and how would it say it?

Aplicaciones identidad verbal

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