Kiwoko: digitalizing the success of physical stores

Mobile design for Kiwoko
Rediseño ecommerce Kiwoko 2020

Project brief

Kiwoko is the animal store chain leader in Spain. It has a team of over 1000 people and more than 120 stores throughout the country, with thousands of products, some of which are developed exclusively by them. They insist that their philosophy is based on caring for animals. It´s not about humanizing the animals, but rather caring for and respecting them.

At Wake we have been responsible for creating the image of its new e-commerce and transferring this image from the corporate one that client experience in their physical stores.This means that digitalizing is the key to its success..

Color palette for Kiwoko
Color palette and animals for Kiwoko

User experience

We want to replicate client experience at the physical stores on their website. We want to avoid a digital gap.

Contacting the brand through a device is a delicate subject. Despite having opened over 100 stores, it might be difficult to know what else to do to meet the expectations of a repeat client..

“Come inside Kiwoko´s online store, we will still be right beside you.”

Web design deployment for Kiwoko
Rediseño páginas Kiwoko 2020

Golden creativity

There was one requirement: provide a constant creation of sales, banners with promos, product changes, and all of this created by a great team with different profiles, always being more commercial than visual.

All of this made us search for a design system that was simple, solid, and functional, as well as based on something as resistant as “the divine proportion.”

“A golden ratio design system”.

Responsive logo design
Logotipo resposive y favicon Kiwoko

Frontend design for CRMs

Salesforceis a powerful CRM that has also expanded its horizons offering an ecommerce integrated in the sales systems. At Waka we often work as designers so that the implementation of the design is done by the client´s internal team, or in some cases, a back-end specialist.

The design possibilities at Salesforce are quite limited. The complications that could arise from implementing novelty in usability could be almost incompatible with the CMS’s possibilities.

Thus, the challenge was to achieve a good brand experience through simple browsing, coherent imagery, and creative quality. To summarize, we left behind a box with a bunch of good UX and design ideas, and we hope that the Kiwoko team can develop them very soon.

Golden Design 1
Golden Design 2
Golden Design 3
Kiwoko iconography design
Ipad kiwoko design
Adaptación Ipad Web Kiwoko

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