Goalbox: energy, vision and design for launching a startup.

Web design for Goalbox
Proyecto branding Goalbox, 2016

Project brief

Goalbox is a startup seeking to make a niche for itself in the growing sport consumer market, providing new sports supplement kits for popular athletes.

The project starts from zero, and therefore requires an external partner who can master the fields of corporate design, editorial, advertising and website, and who can also work with the same degree of involvement and agility as if they were part of the client’s own internal team.

The Goalbox boxes contain a studied assortment of sports supplements
Design of information cards and advertising flyers
Design of information cards and advertising flyers

The image as weapon for survival

The current digital environment provides entrepreneurs and small businesses with the opportunity to develop new B2C business models (apps, ecommerce, online service platforms, etc), the success of which depends to a large degree on their image. So much so, that at times design and communication become more prominent that the product itself.

Goalbox begins competing in a sector (sports products) with a considerable aspirational component, in which consumers demand a high degree of innovation and scientific rigour, but one in which aesthetics play a fundamental role.

Building a brand with a powerful visual identity is vital.

Logotipo de Goalbox

A convincing product image


The value of Goalbox lies in the selection of a perfect mix of supplementation products that athletes should consume in order to beat their personal records. Our mission was to make all of this an object of desire.

The brand had to represent the desire to excel and the passion that all athletes carry within. In order to do so, a visually striking brand has been built, with graphics that juggle a palette of bright colours and gray-scale photographic images superimposed with corporate yellow planes. A big ball of colour and energy. Exactly what the product provides.

Athletes, the image of Goalbox

Immersion, consultancy and strategy

Startups like Goalbox need partners that can provide a global and strategic vision.

At Goalbox, beyond the purely technical work of design, waka acts as guide and executor in everything to do with development of the project: from marketing to web programming; passing through packaging, merchandising items, online marketing, etc. We act like just another branch of the company.

Online store with CMS based on WordPress
Diseño de tarjetas personales

Working at startup speed

The strength of startups lies in their ability to react and the speed of their movements. The creation of their imagery and visual image must therefore reflect this way of operating.

Minimal initial investment in order to test product viability, ability to pivot in order to draft/change up their business plan… the agency that provides them with their launch materials must be up to working with this dynamic.

Sports supplementation products for kits offered by Goalbox
Business card design
Diseño de tarjetas personales

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