Frutality: a fresh image for a refreshing brand

Brand concept "A fresh company". Frutality 2019

Project briefing

Frutality was born in 2010. They have had a long trajectory of almost 10 years as a fruit distribution company. Initially the business base was a high-quality fruit selection and delivery service exclusively for companies.

With a first-level client base, they are looking for a new image and communication that can accompany them in their national expansion.

Web design and development and eCommerce. Frutality 2020

Disruptive communication in the sector

At Waka we have wanted to go even beyond that, creating an innovative and disruptive proposal. To refresh their visual image (for sure) but also to give a differentiating touch to their concept of company. Frutality, in reality, is a product thought out for companies that want to bring fruit´s freshness and its properties closer to the business world.

An added value for top companies that want to take care of their team. The companies of the future.

Once we analyzed their market and sector, we observed that this business aligns more with a new company concept than with a traditional delivery service. The values that accompany Frutality are now just about health and nutrition. Now we propose to offer an image synergy among companies, where dynamism, sustainability, quality and innovation are the pillars on which to build the relationship with the client.

“Frutality has a fresh cool flair, definitely far from the stereotypes of a traditional company”.

A fresh company

Frutality creates brand. The freshness added by Frutality must be felt in their visual image, as well as in their communication.

The large technological companies have brought changes to the perception of the company culture. Frutality is on the first step towards this transformation of being a company of the future. We break the mold through the brand´s communication in the same line as the latest-generation digital company apps.

Now we are one more piece of the foundation to improve the company. Frutality provides this message both to their employees and to their partners or visitors.

“Frutality adds actual freshness as well as corporate freshness. Our tone will be: #techFresh. A mix between nonchalance and vitality that represents the fruit; in association with what is a new, young, creative in a business world forged in the new digital era.

Design of corporate creative pieces for Frutality

Freshness at all levels

The color blue situates the corporate base. Just like management software similar to the classic corporate images and business performance online apps. But this is just the beginning. Freshness is born from colored pairings of different fruits, which will always be present in all creative work.

The whole image and communication is targeted to two main groups: the hiring target (manager); the critical target, who is the one that really gets to enjoy the actual product (employee). The differentiation between these two targets is vital when comprising anything verbally and visually.

“It is noon. Time for your fruit break”.

“Our fruit delivery service adds a touch of freshness to your company”.

“Fresh-in fashion”.

A company for the future

The first objective is to become the Fruit Department of the largest companies in all of Europe. To spearhead this service, contributing business cache to their clients. To be a symbol of the modern company that takes care of its employees. All of this is the new Frutality. It is not based on being “healthy”, this is just pure “management”.

We offer new concepts, like fruit manager: the person that manages each client. This person is independent, up-to-date, responsible and flexible with each client.

“Frutality incorporates to the corporate culture differentiating values that go beyond a salary. Frutality is about “you matter to me”, which generates motivation and responsibility for the team.

The second objective is to rethink their business model. To digitalize the fruit sector, one which lacks technological and innovative tradition. We want to go from the physical world to the virtual one, in everything that has to do with purchase, hiring and managing clients. To expand the service beyond the office. To reach both small and large companies. Why not keep taking good care of your employees while they work from home?

Different pages of the Frutality ecommerce

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