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Still life of citrus product Esenzzia
Fotografía set familia cítrica, 2019

Laus 2020 en categoría Digital

Awwwards Mención honorífica en Diseño 2020

Awwwards Mobile Excellence 2020

Awwwards Mobile Site of the Year 2020

Project brief

Esenzzia´s objective for 2019 was to update its image and take a step forward regarding clients’ perceptions toward its perfumes. In the fashion and perfume sectors it is necessary to have something beyond an image. You must have personality, offer something different, and most importantly, have your own voice.

This is the reason we worked on a brand concept and a statement that shapes the whole operation behind the graphic design: packaging, labeling, website, and photography of the product and the store.

Esenzzia product photography
Packaging y etiquetado de producto 50 ml

Esenzzia y punto

The proposal given to Esenzzia was complicated. In the perfume sector it is common to find archetypes based on the use of models and photographs of people with whom the client tends to identify. In this case, we tried to get away from this tactic. Our objective was to focus the client on the brand´s vital strength: the quality of its products, without misleading the user with empty promises. A totally typographic image; a lot of black over white; clear and direct. Everybody is in a hurry and at Esenzzia, your time will not be wasted.

Do you want a perfume for going out, or would you prefer something fresher? Or why not both?

This communication style speaks naturally to clients, it is simple, clear and direct. The design reflects those features visually.

And today, which Esenzzia is it going to be? Don´t think about it twice. Don´t think about it twice.

Design awards and UX mobile

LAUS Digital 2020 Award Esenzzia

Shipping Madrid Esenzzia
Madrid Esenzzia Store

Design awards and UX mobile

The work done for Esenzzia has been recognized with 2 international awards from Awwwards:

  1. Honorable Design Content
  2. Mobile Excellent

How? Well, starting with the design of the packaging. This immediately signaled Esenzzia’s change – no more database images. And no more unrealistic images of typical models. We now want visual simplicity and lightness.

The web design is based on two premises: visual simplification and helping the user. The result: a unique and different design.

Moving the Mobile First design to the Desktop

The “Mobile first” premise is not always useful But in this specific case, the result of applying it has been especially satisfactory. Consequently, this project has followed a solid and coherent design, with strong guidelines:

  • There is no photography, except once you browse deeper.
  • The search engine is the host of the website, with an active focus.
  • There are different browsing paths for the 2 types of users (new and repeat).
  • Las fichas de compra laterales en fix, acompañan también en desktop.

The manager of this e-commerce has been Prestashop. A work team specifically established for Esenzzia to achieve the best performance results.

At ESENZZIA you are in charge And if you are going to be the one paying, the logical thing is that you get to choose how to do it”.

Lighthouse Report Web Speed
Desktop web Esenzzia
Shipping Madrid Esenzzia
Madrid Esenzzia Store
Schematic web design for Esenzzia

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