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Project brief

Colchón Exprés (CE) is a chain of sleep/rest stores with more than 15 years longevity. A consolidated and well-known SME in Madrid whose brand is closely linked to the express delivery service of mattresses.

A profitable and prosperous business, but with a somewhat diffuse and chaotic image, which did not match the products they distribute, nor the true quality of the service they provide.

The company aims to continue gradually expanding throughout Spain, and for that reason, it looked to waka for a trusted partner to help it make this quantum leap into a new stage.

Online marketing consulting and web analytics for Colchón Exprés
Consultoría de marketing online y analítica web para Colchón Exprés (2013-2017)

Reinventing a brand

Renovate or die. In the current market all businesses are forced to reinvent themselves over and over. Innovation and change are not only a necessary investment for growth, but the only guarantee of survival.

Waka is not a mere design or advertising agency. We have a strong strategic vocation and we use creativity to provide ideas that drive change within organizations.

In CE this change was based on three pillars: new brand positioning, the professionalization of design work within the company; and a clear commitment to the online channel as sales engine.

Visual proposal for brand repositioning
Diseño nueva web y piezas para canal online

A new concept for the brand

Well-applied creativity helps brands to differentiate themselves, improving communication efficiency and boosting sales.

At CE the perceptual positioning of the brand had become stale with the idea of speed of delivery as the driving concept, which made it difficult to associate the brand with the attributes of quality, reliability and trust.

For this reason, the brand was re-conceptualized and the “express” suffix went from meaning “fast”, to being understood as meaning “easy”. Its key values were updated; the logo modernized and the visual identity of the company refreshed.

In this new stage we sought a new theme for the brand. A differentiating position compared to the rest of the sector’s competitors, moving the brand away from the traditional message of rest = dream / sleep / relax; and bringing it closer to rest = enjoyment / being active / living.

Visual identity design
Visual identity design
Ideation and design of visual identity

A solid corporate identity

Many companies do not have a well-defined corporate identity. Among SMEs it is usual to have just one logo and one claim. This means that the various corporate materials are improvised and do not follow the same aesthetic line. This visual incoherence is the worst enemy of a brand.

For CE, an extensive corporate image manual has been developed. We accompanied the client during the changeover, and we acted as consultants and advisors during its implementation across all media: from website to shop-floor.

Brochure layout
Catalog layout
Design for vehicle wrapping

Banking digital marketing

In the digital era, traditional commerce must adapt. The Internet, far from being a threat, should be seen as an opportunity.

At CE a new strategy was proposed, minimizing investment in traditional channels and relying definitively on online marketing. The main pillars of this strategy were: organic positioning, branded content and substantial investment in direct response campaigns.

Web design for Colchón Exprés

Trusted partners


waka is a multidisciplinary group of professionals (in design, marketing, audiovisual, programming …) where you can find the right people for your project. We are not looking for clients. We seek to build trusting and longlasting relationships.

We help you whether you need an the occasional intervention, or as a partner providing ongoing support to your internal team. We get involved in your organization and we are committed to the objectives of your business. We offer a pluralist and avant-garde vision that drives change and innovation. We guarantee that your company will not become obsolete.

Over the course of these 4 years of collaboration with Colchón Exprés, we have achieved:


increased web traffic


increased online sales


increased billing

New web design and pieces for online channel

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