bbo: A brand in constant movement

Responsive web design adaptation
Responsive adaptation of web design, bbo. 2020

Project briefing

BBO is a consulting company that works among different business areas, specializing in Latin American clients. With over 30 years of experience and hundreds of projects along the way, their dynamic spirit positions them at the forefront of their sector.

This should be communicated through a brand concept that is aligned to reality, alongside the design of a visual identity and its digital application that can truly translate the brand´s personality..

bbo, logotipo. 2020
bbo, logo

In motion, en movimiento

Movement incites action, and to not stay still. This is an expression that inspires dynamism. It expresses concepts like change, innovation, improvement, update, modernity… This concept works like a mantra maintaining the brand, helping its expression to stay young and up to date..

Also, it is expressed both in Spanish and English, bestowing international appeal. It is easy to understand and interpret in Latin America.

This idea based on movement is expressed at a visual level through the use of horizontal lines that serve as a base to align headlines on the left and then on the right, alternating sides. In this way we are able to guide the reader´s eyes towards different points, making the reading experience a dynamic experience.

In motion, en movimiento
Branding concept for bbo
bbo, move, invest, win
Brand identity application for bbo. 2020

A current brand image

Normally, we tend to understand a logo as an image that must be able to settle and transmit the brand´s values. Nonetheless, at Waka we tend to look at it as a mere identifier, easy to understand and remember, but not much else. In this way, the logo is just one of the pieces that complete the brand´s identity.

We have tried to achieve a personality in line with the times. This modernization is reached through the sizzling we have gotten by using vivid colors. Also, through the use of an outlandish typography, with some geometrical endings that provide a lighthearted and inspiring atmosphere. This makes it be perceived as a sophisticated and exclusive brand, covering their clients with these values.

Corporate image application
Corporate image application
Corporate image application
Corporate image application, bbo. 2020

A totally digital brand experience

An important stage suggested at the initial briefing was the creation of a web space where bbo could showcase its values and services. Since it was not necessary to develop a large quantity of content or very specific functionalities, we had the freedom to develop a website with the functionalities that we thought were more essential to achieve to transmit the brand´s concept and values.

To move a corporate visual identity to a digital environment is generally not an easy task. This is a medium with very specific needs, but that also offers an infinite quantity of nuances regarding its brand experience..

n this case, the image that we have created works with some colors that work very well in RGB and with typographies that are well-conceived for digital media. Also, the feeling of movement is not only achieved with the alignment of headlines. Loading the elements, text animations, mouse interactions and using background videos also make that the concept “in motion, en movimiento” be latent within the website experience..

Digital adaptation of the bbo image

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