AMV insurance: optimized web design to maximize sales.

Responsive web design for AMV
Diseño de web responsive para AMV, 2016

Project brief

AMV was born in 1974 as an insurance company with a difference, aimed at bike-aficionados and with a more direct customer service in order to expedite contracts. The website is its most vital tool with which to attract new clients and generate business. This is where we come in.

AMV turned to waka for the re-design of its website, seeking to optimize conversion rates and maximize the profitability of its marketing activities.

Redesigning the web flow to improve the user experience
Rediseñando el flujo web para mejorar la experiencia de usuario

Small details, big differences

Not all areas of a website are as important as others. Each of the pages in the conversion funnel are decisive in closing a sale, or losing a client.

At AMV all marketing and campaign activities land on their online rates calculator, which makes it a key point for the success of their sales strategy. The insurance rating system runs the risk of being somewhat dry and not all user-friendly. It requires a very broad, cumbersome data capture and ends up being an escape chute for users.

Apart from general website design, at waka we also work, in a timely and conscientious manner, on the usability of the rate calculator to ensure that the user path is straight, clear and as pleasant as possible. With style and with no distractions. Small details improve conversion rates and represent substantial increases in sales volume.

Redesign of user itinerary in the online pricing system
Diseño de pantallas para versión móvil

Designing experiences

The interactive elements of a website inevitably generate experiences (good or bad). The emotions felt by the user when interacting with the website are transferred directly to the brand and will affect sales.

Contracting a financial product such as an insurance policy tends to be a boring and not terribly gratifying experience for the user. In the case of AMV we have sought to make the process more palatable through design, offering intuitive functionalities, encouraging the user to complete each step, and avoiding the most minimal obstacle to ensure the user sees light at the end of the tunnel.

Design of functionalities for UX improvements<br />
Design of functionalities for UX improvements<br />
Design of functionalities for UX improvements

From theory to practice

Testing designs and taking into account the psychology of a web user is vital in order to put yourself in their shoes and seek out any potential sources of frustration when navigating the website. If you don’t know what the problem is, it will be difficult to find a solution.

Every web design must be subjected to further analysis work. Empirical testing methods and qualitative research help us to understand how our clients react when faced with different alternatives and to discover which navigation solutions produce the very best results.


Conversion ratio in Landing A

First landing design


conversion ratio in Landing B

Second landing design


conversion ratio in Landing C

Third landing design

Specialists in web usability

In the case of AMV, we see a company that has known how to undertake a project in a professional manner and to seek help when and where they truly need it.

Despite having their own development, design and marketing team, it is more complicated to have good in-house usability professionals. This is why they decided to enlist our help: in order to concentrate efforts in the very heart of their sales department: the website.

Screen design for mobile version
Diseño de pantallas para versión móvil

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