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Graphic Design.

A good design is crucial in ensuring a great experience. At waka we take care of the small details so that you can make a difference.

Diseño de packaging para Blue Panther

Image and graphic production

We have created a creative space for talented young graphic designers to channel expertise, trends and experience towards our clients’ projects. We place at your disposal a professional team to ensure that the visual communication of your company is coherent, attractive and professional.

We work within the different fields of graphic design:

  • Editorial design: design and layout of publications, magazines, books, reports, catalogues, brochures, technical reports …
  • Advertising design: advertising graphics, posters, billboards, flyers, triptychs, leaflets …
  • Corporate design: logos, presentations, manuals, cards, corporate stationery …
  • Packaging design: bags, packaging, labels, bottles, boxes …
  • Design for events: stands for trade fairs, banners, rollups, invitations, accreditations, tickets …
  • Design of signage: signage of spaces, signs, 3D, canvases, …
  • Multimedia design: website, microsites, landing pages, banners, apps …

We prepare not only the designs, but also the final artwork for printing. We supervise the quality of the final product to ensure the correct graphic production you need.

Diseño de folleto para el evento New Generation Marketing
Diseño de papelería y credenciales para el evento New Generation Marketing
Diseño editorial para Transparencia Internacional
Editorial design for International Transparency, 2017.
Diseño de infografía para Anillo Saludable, Ayto. de Meco
Diseño de cartelería para Anillo Saludable, Ayto. de Meco
Infographic and signage design for Healthy Path. Meco's Town Council, 2016

Design agency

Do you need a new brand image for your company?

We will create your corporate identity: logo, manuals on how to use your brand, fonts, iconographies and all the materials needed to complete an image that conveys both gravitas and professionalism for your product and within your sector.

We guarantee a new and original approach to your corporate image. All our designs are studied and created to ensure an image that reflects the values of your company and the latest trends in corporate and advertising design. You will not be indifferent to it.

What do you need?

At waka we have a multidisciplinary team of collaborators from diverse fields. This allows us to offer solutions in diverse creative fields, such as…

Let us help you boost your project.