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Branding Strategy.

A brand with a strong corporate identity and a good market position will be a safe and stable source of income in the long term.

Diseño de tarjetas para Smaartlabs
Dynamic brand design for Smaartlabs, 2013

We help you to build a brand

At waka we specialise in branding and brand design. We help you build and develop a powerful and unique brand.

  • Immersion: we immerse ourselves in your brand, your values, your culture and philosophy to better understand your goals and the expectations of your customers.
  • Strategy: We create an innovative branding strategy within the framework of new technologies. We connect your objectives with the needs of your clients.
  • Identity: We design a strong corporate identity that positions your brand and that gives your company a differentiating and professional image.
  • Action: We implement all the action plans necessary to achieve established objectives, adapting to your company’s needs and opportunities.
Aplicación de la marca en rotulación para CDL

Not satisfied with your corporate identity?

At the waka branding agency we provide everything you may need in order to improve the positioning of your brand. We adapt your branding strategy, whether you are looking for something subtle, or prefer to opt for a more radical change. We love a challenge!

What do you need?

At waka we have a multidisciplinary team of collaborators from diverse fields. This allows us to offer solutions in diverse creative fields, such as…

Let us help you boost your project.