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Video production.

On an increasingly saturated Internet, video is the best means of capturing the attention of your clients.

Advertising and corporate videos

Videos can help to better convey brand values. Opting for the creation of audiovisual pieces means giving voice and image to your company, attracting the attention of users and generating the trust required to begin a sale.

At waka, we create the audiovisual content your project needs with a fresh and different touch. We help you to enhance the image of your business by generating quality pieces: advertising videos, corporate videos, business videos, viral advertising and branded audiovisual content, product videos, teaching or explanatory videos, etc..



Veolia We Motion

Veolia We Promo


Zoo Madrid

GO! Sushing


Solpheo Spot



Solpheo Motion

Veolia Motion


Veolia LATIS

Big productions with small budgets

We have a creative and technical team capable of taking charge from the initial idea through to full production on the shoot itself: experienced writers, professional actors, camera operators, illustrators, animators, voice-overs with golden voices, crazy creatives and patient filmmakers … and all coming together to film your project.

What’s more, at waka, we help you to define the appropriate dissemination strategy. What you need is a guerrilla video-marketing agency like ours.

What do you need?

At waka we have a multidisciplinary team of collaborators from diverse fields. This allows us to offer solutions in diverse creative fields, such as…

Let us help you boost your project.