Great ideas that are well structured. We rely on improvement iterative methods: analysis, planning, measuring and testing. At Waka we combine creativity with methodology.

Our exclusive methodology

Over time we have created our exclusive methodology, based on agile systems (Scrumb or kanban). Using this process, we are able to work efficiently at high performance and meet goals on time. Of course, setbacks can happen, but they will be handled swiftly and effectively.

Through the Project Manager you will be able to monitor your project: creation of the Waka team assigned to your project, the state and progression of your work, next steps and a roadmap with a breakdown of the tasks and deadlines to accomplish whatever goal you set.

Our office in Madrid
Our office in Madrid

Client experience

A methodology focused on adding value to that which makes you different. We accompany our clients throughout the whole process so that they can also enjoy a positive experience when creating their digital project. Always with rigor and great design.

Waka lifestyle (1/6)

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Waka lifestyle (5/6)

Waka lifestyle (6/6)

Methodology + creativity

Though we are a small agency, we are a complete one. We are located in Madrid. Our team has over 10 years of experience developing projects related to the digital world, design and online marketing.

We create authentic brands with solid concepts through the application of our unique methodology and innovative design. We also take each element that makes up and surrounds a brand into account to achieve an integral, lively experience for users: creative concepts, developments, UX and UI, illustration, photographs, videos, spoken language… Everything matters.

We are branding. We are brand experience. We are Waka..

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