Werfen: designing the digital image of brand

eRetailing Werfen Application Design

Project brief

Since 1966 and based in Barcelona, WERFENis a pioneer in the development of IVD solutions, high quality systems, software and reagents for laboratories and hospitals around the world.

They have factories in the United States, Spain and Italy, and their brand is known in healthcare systems around the world. This brand has taken a digital leap in recent years, both in terms of the improvement of internal processes, as well as taking advantage of its commercial potential worldwide.

At waka we contributed the design of interfaces for different digital solutions, in order get the most out of user experiences. By so doing, the visual image of Werfen has matured and can now extend across any medium.

Werfen Go platform design
Design of internal survey platform
eLearning Werfen platform design

Building the brand from within

If anything defines Werfen, it is their constant R&D improvement and drive. With more than 5,000 employees, they are committed to the unity of the brand and the strength of their values, beginning by conveying them in a coherent and homogeneous manner to all of their employees.

In order to do so, they have developed all kinds of digital media tools: mobile applications for internal processes, corporate intranet, online platforms for staff satisfaction, eRetailing systems for their sales agents, etc..

Internal Surveys Mobile App Design

A global brand image

The complexity, in light of this range of possibilities for the brand’s graphic representation, lies in its homogeneity. Not only because of the visual impact between different devices, or because of the tone of communication; but because of the amount of diverse development, design, marketing and communication teams working in different places simultaneously.

Werfen seeks to innovate not only in their medical products. They also seek to take maximum care of usability and user experience in relation to their digital content. With the same rigor for both employees and customers.

With Werfen, we have enjoyed working side by side with their internal product development teams. In addition to seeking excellence in every project, Werfen look ahead, demanding a more powerful and challenging visual image than their competitors. Being the sector benchmark.

eLearning Werfen platform design

User journey on digital platforms

The design of user mapping is vital to ensure a global overview of a digital tool. To this effect, we can envisage the possible actions of the user when faced with a device, and thereby take into account the sequence of screens that a person must go through in each eventuality.

By law, the technology of the devices sold by Werfen to hospitals requires certified personnel. Many countries also require the provision of an online tool to obtain such accreditation. In other words, eLearning at the highest professional level.

This type of platform is particularly complicated to structure and schematize at project level. The user maps are almost infinite. The depth and scope of the content can be overwhelming. This analysis is vital, since it can unpack elements or functionalities that determine the design.

This is one of the many examples of our work for this international corporation. For their eLearning platform worldwide: where thousands of doctors and nurses worldwide will need to be certified. Or their intranet: where more than 5,000 people from 30 countries need to communicate. Or their commercial eRetailing system: vital for sales teams to offer hospitals their more than 50 high-end machines in clinical analysis..

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