PositivUs: a software's digital expression for a better world

PositivUS positive communication
PositivUS, emoji y logotipo

Project brief

PositivUS is a Chrome extension hat facilitates the communication through emotional analysis. Once you add the extension to your browser,it helps you know what emotions are you expressing so that you may communicate in a more positive way. It helps you communicate with more appropiate messages in your emails, text messages and video calls.

Human vs Machine

PositivUS make it possible for us to communicate emotionally better. This artificial intelligence platform analyzes in real time the keywordsand the emotionsthat you are transmitting. Being omnichannelallows you to connect with many of the tools we use in our daily tasks, both in our work and personal environments.

A sophisticated product: highly innovative and technological, but designed for something as human as managing emotions. Our biggest challengewas to give the machine a face, and encourage users to let themselves be emotionally guided by software.

Positivus animation sequence
Positivus animation sequence 2
Proceso de animación de las emociones.

A positive interaction experience that dialogues with AI

We set ourselves the challenge of transferring thepositive toneof the tool to the digital experience. It had to be constant to create a friendly environment. But to understand its use or why to download it, is not so easy. Through character animation, simple and direct texts, vivid colors and a pinch of childishness, we wanted to make the approach easier. We imagined a new approach to talk about digital platforms, operating systems, algorithms and more… In the end, we just wanted to embody something so simple as “Be positive”.

emoji emotions PositivUS
PositivUS different expressions

User journeys for a Chrome extension

We have created all kinds of screens for the different user navigation flows. On the one hand, the website: where we invite the users to be better. But the real challenge was to keep this same tone on all the screens that lead to the final installation of a Chrome extension. You have to get into the character: if we are alive and positive, anything can be achieved, right?

Responsive web design
PositivUS App Screen Set

We reveal the brand’s digital expression through non-violent visual language.

Simple, strong and positive messages are supported throughout the entire experience by animationsthat visually represent the transformation of language, in order to communicate in a non-violent way. We have created adhoc illustrations and animations throughout the entire interaction experience. Animations serve as a guide, to understand the impact of how we communicate throughout the web, with a very friendly usability.

Gif PositivUS
Representaciones gráficas de PositivUS.
Gif conversación chat
Gif status change
Gif conversation PositivUS

Designing for a better world

Carrying out a project like this has been very enlightening. We firmly value what a project such us PositvUs can contribute to society. Its has a strong and honorable purpose to improve the world.

PositivUs enhances the chances of understanding each other better, feeling better and ultimately, making life easier for many people by communicating warmly and free of negativity. Let’s make a better world together. Maybe in our current technological society, we can still democratize positive communication through software,. If it is with a smile, surely it is easier.

PositivUs emoji improving the world

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