Opendit: branding for a startup open to new ideas

New corporate identity, Opendit

Project brief

Opendit is a technological startup belonging to FERMAX Group, a leader in electronic door entry systems, video door entry systems and access control systems, with an internation reach in more than 75 countries.

The company’s vision is to create a platform that provides connectivity to all residential buildings through street panels and thus revolutionize the way to access them; creating a secure ecosystem of digital services in neighborhood communities.

Opendit is a young company, with an innovative and ambitious project. They came to waka as soon as it was created in its pre-seed stage. When everything is still to be done. The goal: to create a brand that is attractive and trustworthy enough so that people will want to use it as a digital key to their home’s.

Opendit logotype

Initial uncertainty

Branding projects for startups have their own idiosyncrasies. Projects that are starting, have everything yet to be defined. Its common to work with many questions and few certainties. Evenmore, when the brand that is creating a product that does not exist in the market, you do not have a great benchmark that may help as a starting point. This forces us to face the brand definition process with the premise of creating a liquid corporate identity, capable of working well as the project evolves..

The challenge with Opendit was that we were starting from absolute scratch. There was still no internal culture with consolidated values. We couldn’t base any ideas on the benefits of the product, because there was no previous product definition. This left the branding process with little to hang on to.

Our task was to come up with a high concept, open and adaptable to the future. But that could help to shape a mission, inspire the team, lay the foundations for its culture and communication; and define the priorities in your product roadmap. Almost nothing…

Visual identity design, Opendit

Laying the foundations

A brand creation process goes beyond its graphic identity. It serves to configure the DNA and the values ​​of which a project is composed. With Opendit we created an open, innovative and digital brand; but also nice, empathetic and reliable. Capable of seducing investors, neighbors, partners and suppliers.

Opendit’s mission is to create the digital platform that connects buildings with a wide range of services. But when defining its vision we went a step further so that the brand would be inspiring and motivating: “to create favorable environments so that people and companies can develop their life projects in a more comfortable, simple, effective and pleasant way”. It’s not just about opening doors, it’s about connecting people. By connecting people to live and collaborate, we open ourselves to a world of possibilities.


Opendit’s visual identity is designed to work both digitally and in print. It has three key elements: space, illustration and color. The combination of these elements generates a visual recognizable and distinctive.

The brand’s design system is based on the idea of ​​modularity; both in the use of space and color, and with illustrations, which are built from a grid. In general, the goal was to create a modern, close and elegant feeling.

The choice of a friendly color palette enhances the human and empathic brand values. At the same time, the minimalist and elegant use of color offers a sense of modernity and formality.

Illustration is one of the most unique elements of the brand. It works as a communication resource and as iconography. It helps to generate a friendly and trustworthy brand feeling.

Color range and illustrations


What we have enjoyed the most during the project is the elaboration of the brand’s verbal identity. Opendit is a brand that always tends to create a good atmosphere wherever it is, so we had to create a friendly, close, positive and everyday voice. But we had to go one step further.

The company’s distribution model depends on what is voted at the building owners’ meetings every year. To hire Opendit’s service at home, there must be a previous installation in the whole building. This forces the brand to always have the consent of all the neighbors. What better way to get someone on your side than by being a cool brand?

Verbal identity examples, Opendit
Verbal identity examples, Opendit
Verbal identity examples, Opendit
Verbal identity examples, Opendit

What have we contributed?

When working with startups, a good initial branding job is especially important because it helps materialize ideas. Beyond achieving a successful visual and verbal identity, the brand is the lever that helps the rest of the organization’s areas to get started:

at the team level, it helps attract talent and generate a common corporate vision and culture. On a financial level, it helps partners, investors and suppliers feel that the project is tangible, real and taking shape. At a product level, it prevents the development team from working on a blank sheet of paper; better focusing the UI and UX of possible prototypes, first interfaces, etc. And at a marketing level, it helps to find messages to communicate from the beginning of the project; and it helps the first users/customers understand and connect with the brand’s purpose.

Being part of a project at this stage is always a privilege for us. There is a lot of energy and enthusiasm to do things properly. You usually work with a small team from the client’s side; everyone gets involved. And everyone is willing to contribute. With Opendit everything has gone smooth. It’s been a pleasure, frankly. We hope the brand will open the doors of many neighbors in the next few years.

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