Fugaz Awards: visual support for Spanish short films

Nuestro flamante equipo en la Gala de los Premios Fugaz, Mayo 2018.

Project brief

The second edition of the Fugaz Awards was held on May 24th, 2018 at the Palacio de la Prensa, in the heart of the famous Madrid street, Gran Vía. Together with CortoEspaña, the Fugaz Awards is one of the most prestigious recognitions within the Spanish short film industry. Despite its short existence (this is only the second edition to date), the Fugaz Awards are already a reference inside the film industry.

During this year´s edition, Waka has become a sponsor and trustworthy partner in organizing everything related to graphics and design.

Our brand new team at the Fugaz Awards Gala, May 2018.

Claiming the value of the short film

CortoEspaña´s initiative constitutes a turning point for the short film format in Spain. Short films, vilified by some and belittled by others, play a crucial role within the film industry. Short films are where technicians, actors and directors traditionally get their feet wet. Currently, short films have gone a step beyond, being a format that is as valid and entertaining as any other in the sector..

We propose a creative concept based on that premise: to vindicate short films as films in their pure form; where stories are thought up in a shorter and more direct way, but with the same technical rigor and artistic value as a feature film.

“Thus, the claim we came up with was: “Only real cinema”.

Making an event shine

The organization of an event is an arduous task that demands large doses of talent and many tasks to coordinate (dates, guests, locations, permits, step outlines…). To have alongside you a trusted partner that takes care of everything to do with design and graphic productions decisions is essential.

For this second edition of the Fugaz Awards, at Waka we have designed a good deal of the graphic pieces that such an event requires: from the signage, invitations, nominee cards, photocall, animations for outdoor and indoor screens, to the banners promoting the event in digital media.

“We design whatever is necessary so that the event can shine bright, just like a shining star”.

Cheering on the ceremony, even before it begins

As a complement to the graphic design, for an event it is very appealing to have an ally in audiovisual production both to generate promotional pieces and to cover on-location everything that is going to happen (recap of speeches, press clips, etc.). At waka we can also help you with all of that.

With the objective of raising awareness of the Fugaz Awards, we decided to make a comical piece destined to make its way around social networks and become viral. A production made with modest means, but with a high-end cast, thanks to the invaluable collaboration of Niko Verona and Miguel Rellán.

Graphic and audiovisual support for events

Whether you are preparing a small corporate gathering or a large convention, congress or festival, at Waka we can help you. We don´t organize events per se, but we do collaborate with events companies and agencies to help them with anything dealing with graphic design and audiovisual production. We can give you support, both on the creative side (conceptualization, visual identity, graphic and promotional advertising) and in the design of varied production pieces (leaflets, tickets, invitations, pamphlets and stands).

Nuestro flamante equipo en la Gala de los Premios Fugaz, Mayo 2018.

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