FLUEED: a design studio that cares about how things are done.

Project brief

Martí Bruno is a spanish designer based in New York who has a long history of offering UX & UI design servicesin digital projects.

He has an international team of designers around the world with whom it carries out projects in a collaborative and flexible manner. They promote a model of sustainability work ethics in which each team member has the freedom to organize themselves. Thanks to the disparity of time zones of the team members, they are able to offer a continuous service that never stops. They work 24 hours globally.

Martí comes to waka in the search for a solid brand identity that enables them to take the next step as a business and become a top design studio at an international level.

THE GOAL: To achieve a brand identity that conveys the differential service they offer, and positions the studio as a safe and desirable value for digital projects.

Visual identity applied in digital

The why of the how

The initial research conclusions helped us to identify that the new brand would have a purely digital and modern personality, but without the need of reaching the forefront of design. Flueed would be a UX specialist design studio, but not exclusively technical (with a certain vocation towards advice). It’s identity should be close, natural, minimally formal and affordable both for medium size projects and powerful brands (not within the reach of any SME). And closer to positioning itself as a studio than as an agency.

With new brand’s territory defined, we had the lines that would drive us towards the brand’s concept. We focused on the main factors that stand out about them; and what elements their current clients value most.

We observed that Flueed as a design studio, above all, gives great importance to the way in which each project is achieved: enjoying the process and taking care of every single detail. That thoroughness in their work is key their success as a studio. Its the true reason why behind Martí and his team. This was directly introduced in the brand’s naming, logotype, visual and verbal identity.

Visual identity design studio UX/UI Flueed

How to express the importance of the how

Designing a brand for any client is always a challenge; but in this project the expectations were pretty high. We were creating a brand for other profesionals and colleagues within the same industry (with all that that entails); and for a project with the ambition to compete with other leading design studios at an international level.

Inspiration took us from the Swiss international design because of its cleanliness and its use of typography; to the Bauhaus shcool for its geometry, rationality and order within chaos. These references required a typography that expresses cleanliness and formality, as well as digital closeness to new design trends.

The chromatic palette was selected from the colors that Material Design uses to mark the spaces. Very fresh tones related to the UX and digital environment.

The mission, vision and values ​​of the new brand convey flexibility, excellence, closeness, naturalness and enjoyment. Qualities that are verbalized under the name “FLUEED”.

UX/UI Flueed studio logotype
Logotype, Flueed

The singularity of the double “E” and other visual stories

Of the visual proposals with which we represented the visual expression of FLUEED, the chosen route reveals closeness with the digital world, with the UX & UI. FLUEED’s visual identity generates a recognizable and coherent graphic territory where the brand expresses its fluid spirit and taste for perfectionism. The graphic elements have air so that they breathe with singularity. Geometries in outline and solid mode that transmit cleanliness, order and elegance, generating harmonic patterns.

The precision, sharpness and elegance of its verbal expression aligns with the visual identity with total ease. FLUEED’s voice is professional, close, honest and has a young touch, supported by the differential value of the double “E”.

Examples of Flueed's verbal and visual universe


The visual-verbal ecosystem flows, generating a changing tone that adapts to each circumstance, maintaining its personality. The identity allows you to play with the double “E” as a verbal resource. For example: “Deegital Studio” or “Perfect Feeneshed”.

Ways for the brand to express its unique personality and make it recognizable. Flueed is a contemporary and digital brand that encourages companies to take a step into the future.

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