Cosmetocrítico: a different shopping experience for a smart cosmetic brand

Web design, Cosmetocritico

Project brief

Cosmetocritico is the personal brand of Héctor Nuñez, pharmacist and cosmetics specialist. Born in 2019 and after a couple of succesful years of activity on social networks, the brand had managed to connect with its audience thanks to the acid humor of its creator and the good sense of its online recommendations. Héctor’s vision for the project was to use all the knowledge acquired during his professional career to create a cosmetic brand based on honesty, scientific rigor and the development of truly effective products..

With all the ideas in order, Héctor came to the studio. He was looking to create a different online store, creative and in tune with the essence of his brand

Direction of photography, Cosmetocritico

Defining the user experience (UX)

A digital project can be approached from different perspectives depending on its goals. There are interfaces whose function is merely informative; others where we seek to give priority to usability; and others where sales prevail. In all of those, but especially in the latter, a website is always a fantastic opportunity to generate a positive and relevant brand experience for the people who visit it. And that is what was pursued with this project: to make an online store that worked well, but also helps to build a brand.

On the one hand, even though cosmetics is an industry with high levels of trend and taste in visual terms; not too many brands currently break with the traditional UX standards of online stores (classic navigation menus, standard product sheets, a lot of product and few people photographs, idealized models in unlikely environments, etc). Thus, there was an opportunity to surprise and stand out.

On the other hand, the analysis of our buyer personas helped us identify that the brand’s potential clients are high demanding people with the products and brands they usually consume. With this first analysis we had delimited the playing field on which to work.

Web design, Cosmetocritico
Pantallas web para COSMETOCRÍTICO

Creative concept

The website’s desig was based on the idea of ​​creating an “intelligent shopping” experience for Cosmetocritico’s clients, so that they felt that they were not buying just another random cosmetic product. We want to generate a navigation in which users, before starting the purchase process, immerse themselves in Héctor’s universe: in his philosophy, his knowledge, his differential approach, etc. In other words, first they soak up what the brand stands for, and then decide if they agree with it.

We worked with 4 key concepts: intelligence, rupture, trustand opinion.

Animación intro COSMETOCRÍTICO

A design with plenty of attitude

Even being a website whose main purpose is to sell, we seek to generate a dynamic, entertaining and fresh digital experience in the eyes of the user. We proposed a playful and friendly design, giving great prominence to the VG5000 typography to enhance the acid humor of the brand. Likewise, we invite constant exploration along the website, trying to ensure that the user always discovers something new.

On the other hand, the arrangement of the elements gives the design an air of geometry and modernity; helps to sort content; and facilitates the possible incorporation of new content in the future. This type of design allows the use of buttons to be limited almost exclusively to transactional CTAs or contact forms, making them stand out and encouraging users to continue the purchase process.

Visual identity applied in digital

Photographs as real as life itself

Another key to this website is photography. We wanted to offer a very real vision of the product, placing it in everyday and intimate contexts. Offering a very realistic perspective of them in the style of the social documentation photography of Nan Goldin or Martin Parr.

In this way, the product is conceived as another element of people’s daily lives. It is not a hype, we do not make a macro of the product, nor do we give it the usual aura of other cosmetic brands. We also decided to walk away from perfect bodies and faces, working with real people. Our product is part of a basic daily routine. It’s so important, easy to use, and works just as well as a fork or toilet paper roll..

Photography, Cosmetocritico
Photography, Cosmetocritico

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