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Kyocera: reinventing how companies work.

Project brief

KYOCERA is a technological multinational company of Japanese origin, market leader in new technologies. As a result of constant investment in innovation, in 2017 the Spanish division launched the Solpheo Suite brand, a new suite of cloud software solutions in document management, storage and process management.

A very complex and technical product, designed to drive the digitalization of businesses, around which we would need to build a brand of international scope from scratch.

Logotipo soluciones Solpheo Suite
Logotipo soluciones Solpheo Suite Workplace
Logotipo soluciones Solpheo Suite Process
Logotipo soluciones Solpheo Suite Process+
Logotypes for Solpheo Suite Solutions

Brands with soul never die

In order to build a solid brand, good foundations are a must; identifying a key concept with which to bolster the brand today, but which will be lasting over time. Arriving at this concept and these values in products requires a deeply immersive process hand in hand with the client and large doses of analysis.

At Solpheo Suite, the very essence of the brand encompasses these four aspects: lightness (solution that helps companies to do away with their physical documentation); agility (promoting the flexibility and dynamism of internal processes within organizations); lucidity (boosting the flow of information and facilitating decision-making); and elevation (a digital and cloud-based working environment).

In short, the concept encompasses the product’s true value proposition: a transformative tool to drive companies and organizations towards the future.

Definición conceptual de la marca Solpheo Suite
Brand conceptual definition

Simple but attractive

As well as the aesthetic component, the challenge of a branding project is to imbue the brand with the values and nuances which will prove attractive to clients.

At Solpheo Suite this delicate synthesis reaches its maximum expression in two indispensable elements: a logo and a claim; but our work goes further by presenting the bases of a complete brand identity that will continue to deliver and work as the product expands and develops.

Lighten up your business Tagline Solpheo Suite
Solpheo Suite Tagline

Helping the brand to express itself

A brand is less of a brand if it has no place or no means with which to express itself. Through the design of elements external to the product we construct a universe for the brand.

This is particularly important in cases such as that of Solpheo Suite. We have managed to convey the experience and the benefits of using the platform without actually displaying the product at any point. A host of pieces aimed at explaining the functions of the product, will also boost the personality of the brand.

Diseño de web Solpheo Suite
Solpheo Suite web design for KYOCERA DOCUMENT SOLUTIONS ESPAÑA, 2017

Dynamism and innovation

For this type of project, big companies need an outside partner who can bring fresh eyes: extra doses of creativity and excitement that it is not always possible to find within the organization itself.

At waka, we work hand in glove with our clients internal teams, providing the spark necessary to ensure their projects sizzle.

Grafismos Wizard Solpheo Suite
Solpheo Suite Wizard graphic design
Diseño de datasheet para Solpheo Suite
Solpheo Suite Datasheet design
Diseño de tres datasheets para Solpheo Suite
Evento Presentación Solpheo Suite
Violinista en el evento Presentación Solpheo Suite
Gradas del evento Presentación Solpheo Suite
Corpóreo del logotipo de Solpheo Suite
Solpheo Suite Kickoff Event 2017
Diseño Web Solpheo suite
Solpheo Suite Website
Mockup animados para la web de Solpheo Suite
Mockup animados para la web de Solpheo Suite
Mockup animados para la web de Solpheo Suite

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