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Highland: clothing the transformation of modern man.

Diseño de packaging para Highland
Branding & corporate identity project, for HIGHLAND, 2017

Project brief

Highland is a Spanish men’s clothing brand that emerged in 2017. A new business project of two young entrepreneurs with the mission of “clothing the transformation of man”.

The company decided to partner with waka in order to develop its corporate identity.

Aplicación imagen visual sobre web
Web design

Insight and promise of value

Detecting what is in the heart and mind of a customer is not an easy task, but if you do discover it, you will have hit on the key to sales.

At Highland, the hypothesis is that the male dress code at work is changing. The conventional suit and tie is giving way to a more casual and comfortable look.

Given this new paradigm, many men need a simple yet formal and high quality alternative for their daily clothing.

Concepto visual de marca
Concepto visual de marca
Brand's visual concept

The power behind a name

The concept of a brand is the general idea that underlies the creation of a brand. It must be solid, attractive and convincing; it must be relevant at the time of its creation, and above all, it must have long-term potential.

“Highland is defined as the place you aspire to reach. It is an evolution, an objective, a dream, an idea and a philosophy. A place only suitable for men who follow their intuition.”

Logotipo de Highland

Wearing HLND is wearing its values

In fashion, a brand’s corporate image helps people to express their personality. The logo acquires special relevance because it is the maximum exponent of the values expressed by a brand. When a person wears a garment they do so not only for a functional or aesthetic reason, but also in an aspirational way: they assume the values represented by the logo as their own and commit to them.

At Highland we have created a construction system for the logo based on the letter H; sober, clear, clean and minimalist. We look for tonalities that express elegance and modernity.

The shape of the two segments provides a play on shapes that combined in diverse ways can evoke a place (the mountain) or a lifestyle (through the shirt collar).

Ideación del logotipo
Construcción del logotipo
Aplicación imagen corporativa sobre distintos formatos
Logotype's construction system / Corporate image applied over various formats

The man as protagonist

We want the client to idealize the brand and identify with its protagonists. To achieve this, the visual concept of the brand is inspired by an archetype of the modern entrepreneur. Practical, with clear ideas. A mature man with a determined and confident appearance. A man with confidence who follows his instincts.

Concepto visual de marca
Concepto visual de marca
Brand's visual concept

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