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TAI School: Digital strategy for converting visits into sales.

Logotipo de la Escuela TAI

Project brief

The University TAI (Transforming Arts Institute), with headquarters in Madrid, is one of the most prestigious graduate and post-graduate art schools in the country. In 2015 the brand embarked upon a new and exciting stage, renewing their corporate identity and their sales strategy.

At waka we joined their project, acting as specialist consultants in digital strategy and heading up the changes to their website.

Maquetación de folletos informativos
Escuela TAI rebranding project, 2016

Much more than an introduction letter

Currently digital, the online channel is a source of opportunities and business. For many companies their website represents their principal sales engine. A powerful and well-designed website can become effective leverage for sales growth in any business.

At TAI, the change in corporate identity provided the perfect opportunity for a complete revamping of their online presence. They had relied, for many years, on a functional yet obsolete website, very much focused on acting as a communication tool, but not aimed at sales conversion. The challenge was to reverse this situation and also achieve an attractive design.

Rediseño web y estrategia digital CENTRO UNIVERSITARIO TAI, 2016
Wireframes del rediseño web
Testeo de resultados de estrategia digital

The website as marketing tool

Leaving a web project solely in the hands of a programmer tends to be a mistake. Nowadays, websites are complex entities that go far beyond design and/or programming. In order to ensure a web project is successful, it requires the participation of a compendium of specialists with diverse skills (design, web development, UX&UI, web analytics, accessibility, marketing, CRO, copy, editorial …) and a global strategic vision.

The TAI website is a result of the work and the contributions of an eclectic team of professionals. We worked on multiple aspects that encompassed the entire user navigation cycle: from attracting traffic via SEO through to final conversion.

Diseño Web Escuela TAI
Escuela TAI website design
Iconografía para Escuela TAI

Rational and emotional seduction

At Waka, we provide the team, the experience and the holistic vision necessary to undertake any digital project. We provide complete strategies to accelerate internet sales. We improve efficiency through creativity and design.

In the case of the TAI website, there is a delicate balance between communication, information and sales generation. The website manages to convey to potential clients the experience of academic life at the institute and displays its extensive programme of activities and cultural facilities. The design conveys an attractive invitation to study in a creative, modern and avant-garde venue. Simultaneously, the website presents an exhaustive sales pitch, becoming the company’s main source of attracting new students.

Beyond an obvious improvement at aesthetic level, it didn’t take long for results and numbers to start coming in too.


increased web traffic


improved conversion rate


incrase in annual leads

Alumnos de la Escuela TAI
Iconografía para Escuela TAI

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