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About us.

We believe that trust is the key to building productive and lasting relationships, both amongst ourselves and with the client. Get to know us, waka is a multidisciplinary group of professionals working in harmony to provide solutions in many different fields.

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A bespoke team for your project

We are a small, but complete agency. We are located in Madrid. Our team has over 10 years experience of developing projects related to the digital world, to design and to online marketing.

Our vocation is to create a growing multidisciplinary community of professionals linked to the world of design, web, marketing, communication and audiovisual production, channeling the creative talent, expertise and enthusiasm of our team towards companies, organizations and projects of all sizes and sectors.

We are looking for young, dynamic, creative and open-minded people who want to share projects and workspace. We know that a mix of diverse interests make for more complete solutions, encourage innovation and ensure each individual grows.

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creative ideas with a
strategic approach

Risky decisions taken with thought

At waka we have two souls. One artistic and creative. Another, analytical and strategic. We provide solutions to accelerate sales. We improve their effectiveness through creativity and design. We set ourselves apart by:

  • Our multidisciplinary vision: for each project we create an adhoc team with professionals from diverse fields (programmers, web designers, marketing specialists, etc). This allows us to enrich each project with differing viewpoints, and ensure a very well-rounded finish.
  • Our level of involvement: we like to get really stuck in with each client and work side by side with their team. Find out what their reality is like and become part of their day to day activities.
  • Our agility: we believe in “ninja” management. We are committed to agile, intuitive solutions that make life easier for the client and for their marketing/PR departments.

Let us help you boost your project.