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UX / UI Design

Provide an agile, attractive and satisfactory user experience. An interface design that takes the user to wherever you want them, but by doing whatever they fancy.

Diseño de interfaz para aplicación móvil para Gift2Gift
Interface web design for mobile app. Gift2Gift, 2015

Interface design and optimization

The repetitive cycle of continually designing, building and evaluating, optimizes interface design, so that the launch of a website, platform or application is conceived with maximum impact.

At waka, we combine user-centred design methodologies with an understanding of human behaviour. We identify the ideal combination that ensures the most user-friendly experience possible.

  • Information architecture, prototypes and wireframes
  • UI Design (User Interface)
  • Usability audits
  • Optimization of conversion rates (CRO)
  • A / B Testing

… and above all, a lot of common sense. Together, all these elements ensure a design as finely tuned as possible.

Planteamiento de viaje de usuario
Diseño UX/UI para Lapland Safaris
Diseño UX/UI para AMV Seguros
UX/UI design for Lapland Safaris and AMV Seguros

Creating experiences
(UX Design)

The interaction of a user with the elements of a website generates experiences (satisfactory or frustrating). The emotions that a user feels about a website, tool or application, will be transferred directly to the brand and to the product’s experience.

Through retrospective interviews, video analysis, heuristic evaluations, focus groups or Hifi tests, we can find out what our users feel, and see all kinds of unsuspected behaviors. With this information we will be able to prepare a report and an improvement roadmap based on established priorities, in order to achieve the desired user experience.

At waka we offer a comprehensive solution, encompassing research and design, which allows us to shorten testing, redesign and implementation phases, in turn streamlining the entire process.

Flujo de navegación de usuario en prototipo Adobe Xd
Screen flow design and Adobe Xd prototyping

Design for all devices

The trend towards the use of mobile devices is both growing and unstoppable. These devices, smaller in size than the classic computer screen, are used in diverse locations and circumstances. Understanding this is essential when coming up with an effective design.

The graphic style, the layout and function of graphics, texts, calls to action and icons all differ depending on context of use. At waka we devise solutions and designs fully adapted to this new paradigm.

Planteamiento UX
Rediseño web Escuela TAI
Web redesign and CRO. Escuela TAI, 2015/16

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